The Four Energy Gates

The Four Energy Gates are a set of self-massage exercises that provide a powerful daily tune-up for your body, mind, and spirit. Grandmaster Nan Lu and his master, Grandmaster Professor Xi-Hua Xu, collaborated to identify a daily routine that is easy to learn and stimulates the most important pathways in the body's energy system. You can do the gates exercises as a twenty-minute set or individually as you have time, almost anywhere. This is a great introduction to the traditional Chinese internal martial arts, and to the art and skill of managing our most precious resource: our energy. 

Daily self-massage of the four energy gates can help you:

  • calm your mind
  • increase and balance your energy
  • help your mind, body, and spirit function as a whole

In addition, each individual gate targets common problem areas in the body, such as headaches, digestive issues, and back pain.

Learn the Four Energy Gates Right Now
You don't have to wait to attend a class; you can learn the Four Energy Gates for free directly from Nan Lu by watching him demonstrate each movement, or, if you want the full experience, including descriptions of the purpose and benefits of each gate, you can purchase The Four Energy Gates DVD.