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The Dragon’s Way Qigong® is a six-week stress-management and weight-loss program based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This is not simply an exercise or meditation class. Think of it as a six-week boot camp for the body, mind, and spirit—with Wu Ming Qigong at its core.

Qigong (pronounced "chee-gong") is an ancient energy practice used to heal and revitalize the body. The Dragon's Way provides you with an approach to eating that focuses on the essence of foods rather than counting calories, and a framework for healthy living based on the theories of TCM.

Although it was originally created as a weight-loss program, the Dragon’s Way addresses a range of chronic health issues (back pain, digestive issues, fatigue, et al.) while teaching participants how to calm their overactive minds. This class can serve as an intro to Qigong and meditation, or serve as a seasonal "cleanse." 

The Dragon's Way is for you if you are: 

  • looking for ways to gain more energy

  • fed up with diet plans that you never stick to

  • interested in meditation or a body-mind-spirit practice that does not require intimidating pretzel-poses

  • want to address the root causes of health and emotional imbalances

  • working on a specific health goal

Program components: 

  • ten Wu Ming Qigong exercises

  • an eating plan

  • a framework for healthy living, including managing stress and emotions

  • herbal supplements (optional but recommended and available for an additional fee)

Registration includes:

  • the Dragon’s Way book, Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss that Lasts, by Nan Lu, O.M.D., with Ellen Schaplowsky

  • an audio recording of Nan Lu leading you through the movements




$199 New participants
$100 Returning participants

Strength in Numbers
I require a minimum of five participants to run a session of the Dragon's Way. 


When is your next session?
Glad you asked! Please check the calendar

Which participants see the best results? 
People who are: 
    •    ready to make a change in daily habits for six weeks
    •    willing to set aside twenty minutes a day for practice
    •    looking for a deep dive into a body/mind/spirit practice

What happens during each class? 
In the first two classes, I introduce you to the program and its key concepts. We then dive in to learning a set of ten Wu Ming Qigong movements that you'll be able to practice daily on your own. In subsequent classes, we begin with Qigong practice and then spend the rest of the time discussing practical strategies for using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in our daily lives. Examples include: listening to the body's messages, sharpening intuition, releasing stress, and managing our energy. We focus on a different organ system of the Five Element Theory each week. Here's a helpful introduction to the Five Element theory.

Can I drop in or try out a class? 
This is not a drop-in class. We form a supportive group that builds energy together over the course of six weeks.

What should I wear? 
No special workout clothes are required. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. We wear socks during class.

Why does this program work for people who want to lose weight and also for people who want to sleep better? 
Traditional Chinese medicine sees excess weight, insomnia, and other health issues as a sign of an imbalance in the body. The program is designed to address and rebalance the root causes of that imbalance.

Who created the Dragon’s Way?  
The Dragon’s Way was created by doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong and Taiji Grandmaster Nan Lu, OMD, under the guidance of his master, Grandmaster Xi-Hua Xu of Yunnan, China. Their aim was to create a program that would give Westerners a complete body/mind/spirit tool-kit for losing weight and managing stress. Nan Lu and Ellen Schaplowsky published the Dragon's Way book in 2000. Nan Lu directs Tao of Healing, a healing center and Qigong school, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, an educational non-profit in New York City. The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation offers Dragon’s Way classes and instructor trainings. Read more about the Dragon's Way.

What if I don’t want to lose weight? 
Many participants who take the program do not want to lose weight. Some use the healing approach to help balance their energy systems so that they are able to successfully gain and then maintain a natural weight. All of the program components (exercises, eating plan, herbal supplements, and lifestyle strategies) help you address the root cause of physical symptoms and restore the body's natural balance.

Have more questions about the Dragon's Way or curious whether it's a good fit for you? Please don't hesitate to email or call me