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Introduction to Dragon's Way Qigong

Closed event. All proceeds support the Waldorf School of the Peninsula.

This workshop will offer you a deep dive into leveraging Qigong for your own vitality and sanity. You’ll leave refreshed, inspired to approach your health differently, and with a toolkit of Dragon’s Way Qigong movements you can practice on your own. Qigong (pronounced "chee-gong") is a traditional Chinese discipline used to heal and revitalize the body from inside out. A form of moving meditation, the exercises are simple to learn and accessible to most any level of physical ability.

We will focus in particular on how to leverage nature’s seasonal energies for our own healing. Join us if you are in need of some practical tools for managing stress, finding enough energy and bringing more balance into your life. Waldorf parents, it’s time for us to offer ourselves the same "head, heart, and hands" attention we ensure for our children. Qigong provides powerful and practical daily support for over-worked parents. Join us!