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Lunchtime Dragon's Way Qigong

From Google to Ford, more and more corporate teams are using mindfulness and meditation in the workplace to improve resilience, focus, creativity, and overall health. (Here’s a 2015 HBR article that rounds up the major research-backed benefits.)

In four one-hour sessions, we’ll learn a set of simple Qigong meditation movements that add up to a 20-minute routine you can practice daily. Blending meditation with gentle movement, Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) is a traditional Chinese healing art used to revitalize the body, and calm the mind.

We’ll pay special attention to addressing the pain points facing those working in the tech industry:

  • Endless hours hunched in front of a backlit screen

  • Chronic stress

  • Constant multitasking

  • Fatigue and lingering aches and pains

  • Work/life balance